Freelance and full time agency work from back in the day.

PlayStation wanted a Christmas campaign. We suggested owning the summer. PlayStation Tan was entered in the urban dictionary in 2010, we made this around 2005.

The Ministry of Economic Development, Buy Kiwi made. Speaks for itself, but there was an insight that New Zealanders were kind of tired of the old way of representing the country’s achievements. (Rugby. Mountain climbing.) That’s why that notion is really spelt out.

Retail for The Warehouse.

ASB Bank. Launching internet banking for the ASB. Wrote this in the back of a ute during the shoot in Queenstown when it rained so hard we had to develop something we could shoot in the bank, rather than in the glorious scenery. Because the scenery wasn’t being being very glorious.

Ministry of Education. Serious stuff to encourage young Maori to take education more seriously.

H2Go. The water you take with you. This looks like an energy drink proposition because energy drinks hadn’t quite been invented.

Eta Ripples. The old “Taste has to make something happen” brief from the client. Jeez, I’d love to play with this idea in today’s world.